Long title cut short

1. In September 2004, H A left the VVD, of which he was a member since 1989, and formed the Groep A, whose party program states that it is committed to “freedom of the individual”. H A believes that his country has been held by elitists for a long time and that he wants to give it “back to the people”. H A wants to lower taxes, raise highway speed limits, cut most welfare programs, and minimize state regulations by making it mandatory to scrap two legal rules for every new one to be instated. He also wants to reintroduce the mandatory army service. On the crime issue, he has supported a three strikes law similar to that of the USA with mandatory life sentences after three separate acts of violent crime. H A is under constant security protection because of frequent threats to his life.

However, H A is best known for his controversial movie, Fitna. He has famously stated that he does not hate muslims, he hates Islam.


* a note on variables: in this question, the variable is used. H A are 2 variables used for the person’s first and last names. They most often do not stand for his initials, but may sometimes do so. Groep A (“of which he was a member since 1989, and formed the Groep A) again contains the variable A, so it is Groep <his last name>. If H A stood for Mohandas Gandhi (which it does not; this is just an example), Gandhi Bhavan would be A Bhavan.

2. Connect. Don’t go too much into the specific car models shown.

3. Originally formed as “Mookie Blaylock,” UV is a Seattle-based rock band formed in 1990, considered to be one of the most popular and influential groups of the 1990s. UV is one of Seattle’s “Big Four” grunge bands, and i’m not giving away the others. ID UV.

4. It is jimbil. ID the characters.

5. What is common? Be very specific.

Egypt: sardo, testouri.
India: chhena, paneer, khoa.
Japan: sakura, tenshi.
Denmark: danbo, danish blue, danish tilsit, saga, samsoe.
Italy: bergkäse, crescenza, stracchino.
Netherlands: edam, frisian, gouda, smoked gouda, leyden, spitse.
Switzerland: emmentaler, mutschli, tilsiter, formaggini

6. ID Saul Hudson, born in Hampstead to an English father and an African-American mother. He was given the nickname “\/” by family friend Seymour Cassel, according to whom Saul “was always in a hurry, zipping around from one thing to another.” I dare not put up a picture.

7. ID maadu. Saar very famous. (I remembered Derek o’Brien and BQC while making this)


1. geert wilders
2. tata xenon
3. pearl jam
4. sweeney todd, the demon barber of fleet street
5. cheese
6. steve vai


I remember many cracking these on gtalk, but do not remember any names, sorry.


2 thoughts on “Long title cut short

  1. peACE II says:

    make the fkin pics clear…cant see a fkin damn thing…its a fkin strain on the eyes…
    if u want fkin answers make it clear…ur questions are good…the ash question, couldnt make out any fkin shit(doubt if any1 would even have thought abt it, but that was the only arbit question innit…try n avoid this)

  2. tarantinofan says:

    1. geert wilders
    2. tata xenon
    3. pearl jam
    4. sweeney todd, the demon barber of fleet street
    5. cheese
    6. steve vai

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