Yet Another Connect…

Simple: Connect the above seven images.

Answers: Shiva’s Guard, Eye of Skadi, Vladimir’s Offering, Monkey King Bar, Messerschmidtt Reaver, Mjollinir, Butterfly DoTA items

DoTA craze had put one in.

Cracked By: Abhishek, Sotti, Slime


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Connect…

  1. tarantinofan says:

    dota. helps knowing the quizmaster, as someone said to me. to be more specific, i guess it’s dota items and weapons and heroes.

  2. bhargavaurala says:

    DoTA items

    Shiva’s Guard
    Eye of Skadi
    Vladimirs Offering
    Monkey King Bar
    Messerschmidt Reaver
    Mjollinir (Thors hammer)

    Sorry guys DoTA craze had to put one in..

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