Ars Gratia Artis indeed…

The QM reached the Hex Alphabet limit (F, in case you forgot…), and decided to go crazy for a day….

Id place, and creator…

(Art no longer exists.)

(Treat for anyone who cracks this… promise.)


2 thoughts on “Ars Gratia Artis indeed…

  1. really now??? u gotta put this one up? atleast try this one! damn, cant find a pic…i meant the one on sarjapur road…this one is just too well known! john devraj, yediyur tank!

  2. vikram788 says:

    Yediyur lake it is (was…), with John Devraj’s version of Titanic’s Rose Dawson.

    Guess I owe anees a treat… tomorrow @ Amul?

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