no serves, only aces

Identify, connect…





5 thoughts on “no serves, only aces

  1. It started out in 1966 as a Velvet Underground song about Andy Warhol’s Factory clique. Then technocultural visionary William Gibson swiped it in 1999 for the title of the last installment of his Bridge trilogy

  2. The connect is All Tomorrow”s Parties. The first pic is The Velvet Underground. The last pics are forthcoming ATP events. I don’t know who the dude is though…

  3. vikram788 says:

    Answer: All Tomorrow’s Parties.
    Song by TVU, book by William Gibson, and the last one’s the giveaway…the spectacular ATP festival.

    ragwho, Kamal Rathi, Ajay Parasuraman and completebhrjafry are hardcore party animals.

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