Are they not 24 carat?





Answer: Nominees for Golden Globe Awards – Frost/Nixon; Reader; Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Cracked by: Hari, Shrey Goyal and Debashish

@ Logik: That was definitely a crazy attempt!


4 thoughts on “Are they not 24 carat?

  1. Frost/Nixon
    The Reader
    Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Connect could be anything
    Movies of 2008
    Nominated for some award – Golden Globe for sure
    All based on books/plays etc.

  2. Ok, this is a crazy attempt. Lots of wikiing,and googling to come up with this nonsense.
    The connect is Valve corporation.

    1. Richard Nixon – Water Gate scandal – The “deep throat” was a fbi agent, Mark Felt. Slang for an FBI agent ” G- Man”. Besides, Mark felt also wrote a book called “It’s a G-Man’s life”.
    G-Man is a character in Half-Life2, created by Valve corporation.
    2. There were rumours that Google would buy out Valve corporation, and would use it as a content distribution system, much like google reader.

    3.The third pic I couldn’t figure out. Maybe it’s the Valve corporation buying out Turtle rock studios. I can see a turtle in the pic. lol

  3. Frost/NIXON
    The READER
    The Curious Case of Benjamin BUTTON

    Nominees for Best Motion Picture at the GOLDen Globes this year, which went to, of course, the Slumdog Bullionaire… I mean Millionaire.

    Nice question, but the Button was too much of a clue, and 24 carat pretty much a giveaway.

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