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ANSWER: The Doors. For details refer any of the comments below

CRACKED BY: Seven of you.

@maga: Blanking Marriage of Heaven and Hell leaves almost nothing to be seen in the picture.

The Four

A Simple one. Connect.



Cracked by Johny Walker,p vs np.

ANSWER: Lincoln Continental, Garfield , Mt. Mckinley, JFK Airport.

Connect is US Presidents assassinated while in office.

Guest Question-3

From Vikram Shashimohan.

1 and 2 virtually symbolise American politics. Id both, and, what’s the story?

1. 1(2) 2.2(2)

Cracked by Johny Walker.

ANSWER: Andrew “Jackass” Jackson(1) inspired Nast(2) to represent the Democrats with a Donkey, and later went on to show “the Republican Vote” as a fleeing elephant, and the Republican Elephant Resulted.

Guest Question-2

From Vikram Shashimohan.

What unique ignominy connects these 5 movies?


Cracked by Logik,Johny Walker,Aditya Sridhar,Tarantinofan,Tejas.

ANSWER: David Manning, Sony’s fake critic gave good reviews for these movies, which eventually made Sony pay $5 to anyone who watched them in American theaters.(And Vikram adds:”Too bad RGV didn’t know this when he released RGV ki Aag :P”)

Not that old series again!

Please gimme specific connect between these pictures. Where do these particular snapshots appear?

Answer: As they appear on th stamps released by the United States.

Cracked by Tejas and wanderlust!

Guest Question-1

This one is from Logik.Thank you.

ID maadi and then connect maadi.

A. A particularly cool / dirty method of loop unrolling in C. [ depending on whether you’re a fan of obfuscation or not ]


B. A box-office-bomb. And a cult classic.


C . A parody of what?


Cracked by Sudarshan,Vikram,Wanderlust,partly by cbfry.

A. Duff’s Device, an optimized implementation of a serial copy that uses a technique widely applied in assembly language for loop unrolling
B. THX_1138, a sci-fi movie presenting a dystopian view of the future.
C. Starwars Kid, as portrayed on American Dad.

Connect is George Lucas.
Tom Duff wrote this piece of code while working at Lucasfilm
THX_1138 was the first feature length film by George Lucas.

A different colour of music

Though its a sitter and a St.Peter!,Their claim to fame please? (die hard fans please excuse 🙂 )

Answer: Pink Floyd. Numbed out by Rithwik, Priya and Logik!

Guest Questions Welcome

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This completes the trilogy

The first and the second. Who could be the third? We’ll have to wait and watch!

Answer: To quote mahesh: gasquet and the connect is cocaine…
the first two faced a suspension from world tennis and gasquet mite also get it…

Also cracked (pun intended) by Johny Walker