Stay away from sharp objects and things that bite


Id album cover. quite a few hints all around!

Answer: Its’s five o’clock somewhere by 2 album discography Slash’s Snakepit.

r1Film poster of a landmark film. The name please? No points for the genre 😉

Answer: Deep Throat. The first porno film you weren’t ashamed of admitting to have seen. 🙂


A major auto company does a special edition. whats the theme?

Answer: The new VW Beetle, with a Barbie Theme. Excuse me for this one!


Who’s this big fellow?

Answer: The mascot of Google Android. @Mark: unable to confirm the name as Mike.

Cracked completely by Mark, and partially by Raghu, Tejas, Ajay Parasuraman, e.small, Ligik, kash and Arjun B.


8 thoughts on “Stay away from sharp objects and things that bite

  1. kash says:

    1 and 2) i dunno

    3) Mickey mouse or some disney character
    4)thats the android mascot (android is google’s open source mobile OS)

  2. e. small says:

    1. slash’s snakepit, “it’s five o’clock somewhere”

    2. deep throat!

    3. volkswagen barbie edition!

    i kinda wish i knew what that green thing is…

  3. Tejas says:

    The auto company is Volkswagen and the theme is Barbie doll’s 50th Birthday by transforming a New Beetle convertible into the ultimate Barbie dream car.

  4. Mark says:

    1. Title of album: It’s Five O’clock Somewhere by Slash’s Snakepit (Slash of Guns’n’Roses)
    2. Title of Film in the poster: Deep Throat.
    3. Theme: Pink Malibu Barbie Beetle in honor of Barbie’s 50th anniversary
    4. The big fellow is ‘Mike’ the Google Android robot.

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