Another set of arbit visuals

Arbit. id all of them. no connect.

Click to enlarge.

Top left: The Darjeeling Limited

Top right: The 2008 Firefox + Summit

Bottom left: Spread of the Swine Flu virus (Daily tracking)

Cracked in part by Teja, Arjun B and Ajay Parasuraman

Your Granny should know?


For some strange reason, even with all the right search keywords, google doenst show up the best page. Sorry folks! The album titles are (row wise)

1. The Best of Bob Dylan

2. Revolver – The Beatles

3. Breakfast in America – Supertramp

4. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

5. Death Magnetic – Metallica

All recipients of the Grammy for Best Recording Package. My bad!