Guest Question-1

This one is from Logik.Thank you.

ID maadi and then connect maadi.

A. A particularly cool / dirty method of loop unrolling in C. [ depending on whether you’re a fan of obfuscation or not ]


B. A box-office-bomb. And a cult classic.


C . A parody of what?


Cracked by Sudarshan,Vikram,Wanderlust,partly by cbfry.

A. Duff’s Device, an optimized implementation of a serial copy that uses a technique widely applied in assembly language for loop unrolling
B. THX_1138, a sci-fi movie presenting a dystopian view of the future.
C. Starwars Kid, as portrayed on American Dad.

Connect is George Lucas.
Tom Duff wrote this piece of code while working at Lucasfilm
THX_1138 was the first feature length film by George Lucas.


4 thoughts on “Guest Question-1

  1. vikram says:

    A. Duff’s device – Tom Duff, lucasfilms employee
    B. THX 1138, George Lucas – Director, lucasfilms founder
    C. Star Wars Kid meets Justice league! – parody of a star wars parody – star wars- lucasfilms product.

    Connect – lucasfilms

    ack: Google (rocks)

  2. A- Duff’s device
    B- THX 1138
    C- The avengers?

    Connect’s probably George Lucas- Duff was working at Lucas films when he created the Duff’s device, and Lucas directed THX 1138. Not sure how the third clue fits in, unless the guy who looks like Iron Man is actually Darth Vader 😀

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