Guest Question-3

From Vikram Shashimohan.

1 and 2 virtually symbolise American politics. Id both, and, what’s the story?

1. 1(2) 2.2(2)

Cracked by Johny Walker.

ANSWER: Andrew “Jackass” Jackson(1) inspired Nast(2) to represent the Democrats with a Donkey, and later went on to show “the Republican Vote” as a fleeing elephant, and the Republican Elephant Resulted.


One thought on “Guest Question-3

  1. Johny Walker says:

    Andrew Jackson(1) had been labeled a jackass by his opponents during the intense mudslinging that occurred during the presidential race of 1828. A political cartoon titled “A Modern Balaam and his Ass” depicting Jackson riding and directing a donkey (representing the Democratic Party) was published in 1837. A political cartoon by Thomas Nast(2) in an 1870 edition of Harper’s Weekly revived the donkey as a symbol for the Democratic Party

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