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That space in which you type out your mail. Whats it called?

ANSWER: Post Box!


Guest Question-6

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ANSWER: Lecoq named the element “gallia” after his native land of France. It was later claimed that, in one of those multilingual puns so beloved of men of science in the early 19th century, he had also named gallium after himself, as his name, “Le coq,” is the French for “the rooster,” and the Latin for “rooster” is “gallus”; however, in an 1877 article Le coq denied this supposition. (The supposition was also noted in Building Blocks of the Universe, a book on the elements by Isaac Asimov.)

By Jove!

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ANSWER: 1 & 2: Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker. 3: David H Levy.

Connect: The Famous Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 that collided with Jupiter in 1994.

Guest Question-5

This one is from Logik.

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1. The cover of the album “And No One Else Wanted to Play”, by the punk rock band SNFU.
The photograph which was used without permission, is “Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, New York City, 1962″, by Diane Arbus.
2. The poster of the movie, ” Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus “.
3. Stanley Kubrick’s movie ” The Shining “, which shows the twins in a similar pose, as in the photograph
“Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967 “, by Diane Arbus

The connect is the legendary American Photographer Diane Arbus, noted for her portraits of people on the fringes of society.