Guest Question-4

This one is from Logik.

Id W,  X,3, 4 and Connect.

1. 2_img_1 W is the original instrument, which has its roots from a country Y, the name of the instrument being a word for a class of such instruments in the language spoken in Y.



3.2_img_3 4.   2_img_4

3. &  4.[ the man on the right]. Notable players of an instrument X -> which is a derivative of W, and the name being derived from 2.

Different people got different parts of it right.
W – Pandoura/Pandura/Pandora – derived from the Greek word for Lute [ a generic term for a pluckable string instrument]
X- Mandolin, the name being derived from mandora/mandola, the italian word for almond being ‘mandorla’. the instrument being derived from the pandura.
3 – John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin’s bass guitarist who is an accomplished Mandolin player, which can be heard on tracks like Going to California.
4 – U.Rajesh, a famous Carnatic mandolin player, and brother of Mandolin U.Srinivas.


5 thoughts on “Guest Question-4

  1. Subbu says:

    W is the lute i am guessing.

    2 is almonds from which you get mandolin and the dude is U Srinivas.

    3 I am thinking is Ian anderson on jethro tull who plays some hajaar instruments.

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