Guest Question-5

This one is from Logik.

Id and Connect.

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Cracked by Nishant,Tejas and Nash.

1. The cover of the album “And No One Else Wanted to Play”, by the punk rock band SNFU.
The photograph which was used without permission, is “Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, New York City, 1962″, by Diane Arbus.
2. The poster of the movie, ” Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus “.
3. Stanley Kubrick’s movie ” The Shining “, which shows the twins in a similar pose, as in the photograph
“Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967 “, by Diane Arbus

The connect is the legendary American Photographer Diane Arbus, noted for her portraits of people on the fringes of society.


8 thoughts on “Guest Question-5

  1. Nishanth Raman says:

    1. Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, New York City

    2. Movie poster of Fur

    3. Referencing of the photograph Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey in the movie The Shining

    Connect – Diane Arbus

  2. tejasbr says:

    1.The child with toy hand grenade,Photograph by Diane Arbus
    2.Movie poster of FUR,Biography of Diane Arbus
    3.The Shining’s Identical twins similar to a photo taken by Diane Arbus.

  3. David Mcgovern Jr. says:

    Truthfully I was the kid with the toy handgrenade in Central Park. My friend Diane Arbus was ripped off and eventually killed by members of Stanley Kubrick’s mob crew. He “Suicide was staged at the piont of two guns pointed directly at her by mobsters sent by Stanley Kubrick to force her to sign over the rights to her portfolio
    to one of his mob owned phony companies or die. Colin Wood is an imposture asked to sign the photo release for the central park
    photo by Diane’s family after her death in 1971.

    I was also the “friend” who took the photo of Diane sitting on the bench in central park which appeared in the Patricia Bosworth Biography published in the early eighties to the best of my recolections.

    For book offers contact me directly…

    Kubrick being the coward that he was made sure his p****hile ass was safely covered
    by hiding in England while his plan to have the mob murder Diane Arbus were carried out.

    I have thirty five years worth of information about Kubrick and his “Companion” Robert Deniro AKA Paul as well.

    • Ness says:

      Interested as to why your name links to a site which is dreadfully racist and calls black people ‘baboons’ and states: “So, obviously, when you take blacks out of the jungle, you didn’t remove the jungle out of the blacks”
      TOTALLY undermines what you are trying to say don’t you think? and makes a mockery of any potential truth out there as you now come across as just another internet wack job.

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