Don’t look at the comics.

This is the story of a man too proud to run from the guy who ‘sat’ on the chair. Who ‘supposedly’ sat here? Also, id the movie.

The Chair


Clue 1high-society

Answer: Movie: High Noon. Guy: Frank Miller.

Cracked by: Aditya Sridhar and ashwini_nit.


4 thoughts on “Don’t look at the comics.

  1. tarantinofan says:

    The guy who runs GNPD (Guru Nanak Punjabi Dhaba, near NITK Surathkal). I have DEFINITELY seen that chair there.

  2. ashwini_nit says:

    Is it Frank Miller??… Like Frank(cartoonist)n Rodriguez directed both des movies..

    n Frank miller is Fictional Villian in High Noon(Gary cooper’s) . So it may be the scene in that movie where Frank sits on his chair Nemesis and paroled murderer – Frank Miller
    The story of a man who was too proud to run

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