Really not my favorite word

This is the first ( and accurate) representation ( this being an image of the woodcut  carving), of a particularly fatal act in history, the word for this act having resulted thence.


What this?

The title is a reference to a certain Peter, which is what this question aims to be 😛

Cracked by Chithananda,v0g0n, Sandy and Solitary Reaper.


Defenestration of Prague, 1618, an important event in the history of Bohemia.

The word coined was “Defenestration”, (from Latin: de- out of, with a downward motion implied; fenestra- window).

From what I could make on the interwebz, the Peter clue seemed to have led people astray. Anyway, here’s the reference to the title

”  In the episode “Catalysts” of The Spectacular Spider-Man, the opening starts with voice- over narration from Spider-Man[ Peter Parker 🙂 ] saying,            “The dictionary defines defenestration as the act of throwing a person or thing out a window.”

We then see Spider-Man flung out a window, to which the narration picks up again, “Really not my favorite word.”  ”

Defenestration wiki

Defenestrations in Prague Wiki

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