Do you wanna get high?

Pic1: Identify this chap, who was diagnosed with a serious lack of writer’s ethics. Ended up being pwned by a celebrity ( Or should I say, Twittebrity ) for this reason.

Clue: Pic2

Disclaimer: This was lying in my drafts for a while. Now it’ll look like I’ve cheaply flicked it from Daly Haal. [even in that case, well, there’s some pride in that too, I guess ]





Goes uncracked.


James Frey.

From the wiki page – ” In late 2005 and early 2006, investigators discovered that elements of his memoir, A Million Little Pieces, were untrue.”

Oprah Winfrey had included this memoir in her bookclub. When the allegations surfaced, she called Frey to the show.

And later Larry King said “Oprah annihilates Frey”.

The southpark reference to this was the character ‘Towelie’, in the episode titled ‘A million little fibres’.


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