Random sports Qs

  1. X is manufactured at Petratex, a factory in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal. X is composed of woven elastane-nylon and polyurethane. One of the technological advantages of X is that its seams ultrasonically welded to reduce drag. X uses a technology patented in that Portugal and valid worldwide. This technology has been tested using NASA’s wind tunnel testing facilities, and ANSYS fluid flow analysis software.   Results have shown that using X, one lower racing times by 1.9 to 2.2 percent. X is outlawed from 2010. X?
  2. M is a football club in Spain. They began playing with blue and white stripes, but are alleged to have changed their shirt colours due to the discovery of a cheaper alternative and since then have been called Los Colchoneros.  They were established in 1903 as a branch of a club Y in the north of Spain. However, they became independent of Y in 1921, and are more successful than Y in the league. However both Y and M have always used the same shirts.  Y and M?
  3. connect:
  4. X is a former international wicket-keeper. He ‘just happened’ to be a keeper at all the sports he played, keeping goal in soccer and hockey — in fact, he was the hockey goalkeeper for his country for several years. Kallimullah, the Pakistan hockey captain at that time has gone on record as saying that he regarded X as the greatest goalkeeper he had ever played against. He scored 121 in his test debut against India and also holds the record for the highest individual score for his country. He retired at the age of 40 in December 1997 and went on to become his national team’s coach. X yaaru?


1) Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit

2) Y – Atletico Madrid, M – Atletico Bilbao

3) Real Madrid: the first guy was Manuel Santana, winner of the Wimbledon Men’s Singles 1966, he represented Real Madrid wearing he logo of the club on his t-shirt in the final; Enrique Iglesias’ father, Julio Iglesias was used to represent the youth teams of Real Madrid before an injury ended his career; and the third is Florentino Perez, present President of Real Madrid

4) David Houghton

Cracked by 4 of you.


4 thoughts on “Random sports Qs

  1. bhargavaurala says:

    1) Swimsuit
    2) M = Atletico Madrid, Y = Atletico Bilbao
    3) No clue
    4) David Houghton

    Quite obviously the answers have been obtained by brute force (read blatant googling)

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