Bio-Math-Stat, BMS?

Portions of this question have been accidentally contributed by Rajiv, a batchmate, and alumnus. So, a pseudo-guest question of sorts.
The thankyous…

A notable man of science, shown in pic 1, is quite famous for creating a simple means of representation of characteristics ( or should I say traits), particular to his profession. It is therefore named after him.



Mr.pic 1 and Mr.pic 2 were quite the chums, playing cricket together etcetera.

Mr.pic 2 was a major stud in his field, known for making level-statements about mathematics, logic, and philosophy in general. We, however, know him for a different reason, which I shall not dwell into further.



Mr.pic1 posed a problem in his field to Mr.pic 2, which had a current solution proposed by the chap in pic3, a celebrity in the field of statistics.



This solution wasn’t very acceptable to Mr.pic1, since it didn’t agree with his school of thought.

Mr.pic2, sent a letter to a reputed journal in the field of Mr.pic1, correcting the mathematical errors committed by Mr.pic3 while attempting this very ‘ simple ‘ problem ( his own words).

So overall, a very interdisciplinary question.
Identify Mr.pic1, the computational technique devised by him, Mr.pic2, and Mr. pic3.
Cracked completely by Royan, and Capt. P J Vogon
Partially by Debasish and Goutham D L ( dude, ur comments get classified as spam for some reason )

Reginald Punnett
Punnett square
G.H.Hardy, [ of the Hardy-Ramanujam fame]
Udny Yule, [ of the yule regression fame]

4 thoughts on “Bio-Math-Stat, BMS?

  1. Dude @ Pic 1 : Reginald Punnett(Geneticist)
    Dude @ Pic 2 : G.H.Hardy (Mathematician who
    also collaborated with Ramanujan)
    Dude @ Pic 3 : Udny Yule (Statistician)
    Computational Technique: Punnett Square

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