Alice in Wonderla

ooh, A lady in the question today.

X, a grand-daddy of rock n roll, nicknamed Y as blank1________, and Z, as blank2_________.

Y and Z, being perennially awesome, made an album out of it, simply titled blank1 and blank 2 .  The album cover is shown.

Identify all mentioned variables.









Cracked completely by Goutham DL, panda, Royan, and Capt PJ Vogon.

Nishanth Raman comes oh-so-close. [ Jerry Garcia had a very visibly violent beard, no? ]


Y – Grace Slick ( ooh )
X – David Crosby
Z – Paul Kantner
blank1 – The Chrome nun
blank2 – Baron von Tollbooth


5 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderla

  1. Goutham DL says:

    David Crosby
    Grace Slick
    Paul Kantner
    Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun.
    The title is a reference to their song White Rabbit.(quite trippy)

  2. Nishanth Raman says:

    X – Jerry Garcia
    Y – Grace Slick a.k.a Chrome Nun
    Z – Paul Canter a.k.a Baron von Tollbooth

    Album – Baron von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun

  3. X = David Crosby
    Blank 1 = Chrome Nun, for Grace Slick(Y) of Jefferson Airplane fame
    Blank 2 = Baron Von Tollbooth, for Paul Kantner(Z), also from Jefferson Airplane
    Album Name: Baron Von Tollbooth and Chrome Nun

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