So many vertices, so many faces.

Identify the polyhedral dude, who is depicted in this TIME magazine cover dated “i don’t know” years back.



This cover was drawn by this illustrator.



I’d be giving you the added joy of identifying him as well, for the sole reason that he drew something as arbit as this, and managed to get it published in a very modest National magazine.





Cracked by everybody.
Refer to Capt. P J Vogon’s answer for extra info.


Richard Buckminister Fuller ( buckministerfullerene/buckyball, geodesic dome, Dymaxion design fame) [ wiki ]

Boris Artzybasheff, an illustrator famous for drawing many of the TIME magazine covers, plus paper ads for parker pens etc.[ wiki ]

8 thoughts on “So many vertices, so many faces.

  1. Buckminister Fuller stamp illustrated by Boris Artzybasheff. Boris’ anti-nazi campaign was well known in the west. The swastik shaped characters led by Hitler actually mimics the famous painting “Dance of Death” also known as Danse Macabre. Potrayed later by Ingmar Bergman’s cast in The Seventh Seal

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