Total Rascala, this kid

A bollywood+current affairs question. Hopefully easy.

Name this writer and short film director, and what is his claim to fame.

He’s credited in the movie in more ways than one.



Update: will keep this question open for one more day. People who’ve posted can attempt again.

Clue : Think Hindi.

Apologies for the arbitness, and the delay with the clue.

Cracked only by nikhil dubey. Kudos.


Cajetan Boy, the Kenyan writer whose story was used for Kaminey.
Vishal Bhardwaj bought the rights from him for $4000, and used it for the 44 crore movie.

[extra info ]

2 thoughts on “Total Rascala, this kid

  1. nikhil dubey says:

    Cajetan Boy.Vishal Bharadwaj met Cajetan in a film workshop organized by Mira Nair. paid Cajetan a sum of Rs. 2 lacs and bought the rights to make it as a film(Kaminey)

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