A ray of light, slightly curved

And, the 4th question in the Paschimi Shastreeya Sangeet theme week

A, is the first opera by B.





A is loosely based on the various facets of life of an über-famous 19th-20th century icon –  X.

a popular ‘cola-wars’ ad, shows X in a dilemma over which beverage is to be chosen, as one of the tracks from A is playing in the background.

B is a very prominent 20th century composer, still very much alive, known for a style of composing, which involves repeating a small amount of music over and over and over and, well you get the point.

Give me B, and A.

Cracked by panda and Chandrakant


A -Einstein on the Beach, based on, you-guessed-it, Einstein.
B -Philip Glass

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