A cover of a cover

This creepy looking musician, formed a core band, which led to about a dozen variants with almost similar names.



One of these sub-bands, released this album in 2006.



The title is a tribute to albums by two bands, one is shown here.



And the album cover is a tribute to , well, that should be obvious.

Id the musician, album, and the band shown.

Cracked by Debasish completely.
Gudur and Gautam got the album right.

@gudur, @all – We’ll try to keep the questions workoutable, and make feeble attempts to beat tineye.
So, figure out the basics, and google for the details ( if necessary).


Musician – Kawabata Makoto
Core band – Acid Mothers Temple
Sub -band – Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno

Shown band – King Crimson. Album – Starless and Bible Black.
Band not shown – Black Sabbath. self-titled album Black Sabbath

And the mashup tribute album – Starless and Bible Black Sabbath

3 thoughts on “A cover of a cover

  1. Kawabata Makoto was a part of Acid Mothers Temple.

    Album is Starless And Bible Black Sabbath by the The Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno.

    Band is King Crimson

  2. gudur says:

    Hi. Just wanted to know if I’m ethically allowed to google/wiki for these?

    Anyway, without Googling: album cover is inspired by Black Sabbath I.

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