Sane Man

Connect this list:


These 2 videos:

And these 2 pics


cracked by gudur, dl, logik and srikanth

Answer :

4chan/ project anonymous

1. the times poll was hacked

2.the tom cruise video which prompted the massive anti-scientology attacks

3.rick rolling started on the 4 chan boards

4.the persian bay logo – anonymous iran

5.the guy fawkes masks anons wear during demonstrations


5 thoughts on “Sane Man

  1. Feats by ‘Anonymous’.
    the marbelcake time magazine poll rigging.
    scientology videos.
    satire on v for vendetta.

    Anonymous teamed up with the Pirate bay to create Anonymous Iran, the #iranelection funda.

  2. gudur says:

    Anonymous. (/4chan/ founder in Time 100 poll, Pirate Bay, they wear the V masks, Cruise Control)

    Wait why am I doing this at 4:30 in the morning?

  3. The good trolls of 4chan (V mask) gamed the times Worlds Most Influential People poll to push moot, the founder of The Pirate Bay (logo) up to the top of the list (1).

    Took a wild guess without being able to see the videos 😛

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