Stuff white people like

Sitter Sunday. Two questions.

1 .

These books are marketed under a common brandname. What it is?




AP furry


On a similar note :), What is this method ( a means of productivity ) called?



1. Cracked by panda, Kitta, and Hasan.
2. Cracked by Kitta, although Hasan got the general funda right 🙂


1. Moleskine Notebooks.
The title was a reference to this post

2. The Cornell Note-taking system ( or the Cornell method of note-taking)
supposed to be an efficient method to jot down points.

3 thoughts on “Stuff white people like

  1. Hasan says:

    1. Moleskine

    2. the A+dork’s-method-of-note-taking, or the clueless-MBA-who-hasn’t-been-in-school-for-a-bit’s method of note taking.

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