Question 3. [webcomics theme-week ]

There are quite a few good indian webcomics in the tubes.

1. [chuckle, giggle] 🙂

Whatz the subject of this strip?



This webcomic X is about the life and times of this N.R.I artist Y, ( the one with the goatee ). The other comic he’s posing for in this strip ( the character drawn behind him) ,  is one of the earliest geeky comics on the net – Z.

Z is what he is most famous for.

Name the artist, this comic, and the other comic.
[ click on the image for a larger version]




1 – Cracked by the innocent kids – panda, and mohit.

2 – Went Uncracked. yay

1 – [Link to the cartoon – via flyyoufools] –

2 – X – Uncubed
Y – Krishna M. Sadasivam , a trical engineer 😛
Z – The PC Weenies


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