‘600’ comics and a figure of speech

Slightly involved question. Put appropriate fundae.


The comic for the day was actually strip 1.



Some fanboys took note.

Soon, it became strip 2.




kcgadiyar, and chandrakant crack this. nice work.

Scott Kurtz, the man behind the well-known webcomic PvP ( player versus player), drew this strip, with a character called Onomatopoeia ( which is a figure of speech, btw).
A character with the same name, and similar appearance ‘co-incidentally’ existed in the DC Universe ( DC = 600, apologies).
When made aware of this fact, he promptly changed the name and the character.


Also read kcm’s answer for full fundae.


2 thoughts on “‘600’ comics and a figure of speech

  1. kcgadiyar says:

    Okay, the basic funda u r looking for, the first comic had the character called “Onamotapoeia” (however it is spelt) which the creator thought was a completely original creation.

    But, the fans thought that it was supposed to be a shout-out to the Kevin Smith created character who appeared in Green Arrow (and more recently in “Batman: Cacophony”).

    So, the comic was changed to include “The Palindrome” and the Kevin Smith reference was removed.

    If ever i wanted proof that i read too many comic books and webcomics, this question provided me with it 🙂

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