Suit yourself, Mr. Tweedledum

Yeah, we didn’t post for a while. Lazy QM’s, we.
Here are three questions. All of them are fairly easy.

1. A, is known by the name of a person B in the western world, while in the land of the Great Firewall, it’s known by the name of C.
B, C ?


2. Sean Connery, and Mike Myers, are flaunting this apparel, that became immensely popular in the west, following a certain celebrity group’s endorsement in one of their historic music tours.
The suit, and the group, please.



3. Shown is a representation of a character Z, wearing a suit, famous around the WWII times. These have had their share of notoriety owing to a violent sequence of events, at around the same timeframe. The chief perpetrators were identified by their excessive ‘wearage’ of these type of suits.
The character is of course part of a long-running comic strip created by Y.
The ‘soot’, and Y( or the comic strip).


P.S : Also, In the witty words of bigfatphoenix,
Safari Suit #kvlt


Mrinalini cracks all three. Respect.

Mr. Guessthelogo, and Mr.quintili < long_name> get the 2nd one right.


1. Mao Zedong. Sun Zhongshan ( Sun Yat Sen) [wiki]

2. Nehru Jacket, worn by the Beatles during their Shea Stadium concerts.

3. Lil’Abner comic strip, by the famous Al Capp. [ Zoot Suit] [ Zoot Suit Riots]


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