Short Visual Connectu

Shown Images. Put story.












Cracked by Cheezy, Mrinalini, and Vikram.

Cheezy has put extra fundaes as well. Thnx 🙂

Update: Mishtek corrected 🙂

Check her comment for the answer.

Update2: Whoa, Stephen Cosgrove himself has commented here.
Hurrah Hurrah


7 thoughts on “Short Visual Connectu

  1. cheezy says:

    Stephen Cosgrove (picture 1) is author of children’s book Wheedle on the Needle (Picture 2) whose moral is cooperation can solve almost any problem. The central character of the abovementioned book also was the mascot of Space needle (picture 3) of Seattle. Also, it was the mascot for formal NBA team Seattle SuperSonics (logo in picture 4). Currently the team has been reincarnated as the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA (logo in picture 5)..

  2. Mrinalini says:

    The author is Stephen Cosgrove (pic 1), who wrote the children’s book – “Wheedle on the Needle”(pic 2). The titular character, the Wheedle became the mascot for the Seattle Space Needle(pic 3), and for the NBA team, Seattle Sonics (pic 4). This team later relocated to Oklahoma to become Oklahoma City Thunder (pic 5)

  3. vikram says:

    2.wheedle on the needle
    3.the space needle – seattle

    Seattle – cosgrove’s book with wheedle who lived on the needle, was mascot with sonics, -.

    • As they say in the papers,
      “The NITK quizblog deeply regrets this error”

      Couldn’t figure out from the alias, should have used a neutral pronoun, to be safe 😛

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