Rats, Cats, and a little lady

Connect the subject matter of this PBS strip, to the remaining three images.










Cracked by kcgadiyar, cheezy, Rahul, and Mrinalini.


The punchline to the PJ in the comic is ” Don’t Cry for me, Argentina“.

which is a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s musical ‘Evita
Evita, the musical, was named after Eva Perón


4 thoughts on “Rats, Cats, and a little lady

  1. cheezy says:

    The connect is Eva Peron (Evita).
    Image 1 is the comic strip Pearls before swine which references “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”, one of the best-known songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber(shown in picture 2)’s musical ‘Evita’.
    The third image is a poster for the musical play and the fourth, is a picture of the great lady herself 🙂

  2. Mrinalini says:

    Pic 2 is Andrew Lloud Webber who composed ‘Evita’ (pic 3) based on the life of Eva Peron (pic 4). Evita’s hit song is ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ – and that is what “Dunk Rye….Tina” from the comic strip sounds like when you say it fast.

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