All you need is some orientation

A celebrity in the field of Biochemistry, and a knight to boot,

this man X created a technique which has something to do with pic1. The technique is thusly, named after him. Let’s call it X1.





Now, the prankster scientists in the field started naming other techniques as a pun on X1.

So, a technique based on pic2 was called Y ( which had some relevance in naming, in fact)
and one based on pic3 was called Z ( no connection whatsoever, done just for kicks) and so on.
The list continues for some 2 more techniques.





1. pic1, pic2, and pic3 are generic representations.
2. pic2 has three subtypes, one of which is a courier of sorts.

X, X1.
Y, Z, please.


Cracked completely by tattwa and Tinkerbells.
Satyaki got X and X1 right.


Quoting Tinkerbells,

“Sir Edwin Mellor Southern,
Southern Blot,
northern blot and
western blot”

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