Tracing the curves…

Starter: This is a musical group. The divine objects in the image lead you to the answer. Id



MainCourse: Using that as the starting clue, Id this IIT graduate, and put funda.



Cracked by all

The Duckworth and Lewis Method ‘ band.

V Jayadevan, who created the VJD method used in some matches of ICL. Said to be a replacement for Duckworth n Lewis system.


5 thoughts on “Tracing the curves…

  1. Atul Mathew says:

    The Duckworth-Lewis Method

    The IITian – V Jayadevan,who came up with an alternative to D/L called the VJD method. Was used in season 2 of the ICL

  2. Tommy Walsh and Neil Hannon formed The Duckworth Lewis Method(band) a couple of years ago.

    The guy in the second picture is Jayadevan, who proposed his own method for deciding interrupted matches by going on previous records. Used in league matches right now. Could be a future replacement for DW method.. (?)

  3. Aviral says:

    1. Duckworth Lewis Method
    2. V Jayadevan, proposed an alternative VJD method to Duckworth Lewis method for ODIs and T20 matches

  4. 1. Duckworth Lewis method band
    2. V Jayadevan, some iit dude who proposed an alternative for dl method.

    QM says,
    Swalpa late, but good crack.

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