So that’s how it started…


A  television show from a landlocked country in Europe. [Image + Video]

What’s the controversy?



Lazy QM says,

All you honest quizzers, please watch the video on this site itself, coz some youtube comments might have the answer.

Also, some related videos might show up towards the end of this video. It’s quite workoutable within the first few seconds.



Cracked by Nihar, Varun, and Arjun.


This is a sitcom from Belarus called “The Theorists”, which basically flicked complete episode ideas from “The Big Bang Theory”. Controversy followed.


3 thoughts on “So that’s how it started…

  1. Okay.
    Frankly speaking, I thought it was The Big Bang theory when I saw the pic.
    Going by that, is this meant to be a parody of it, much to the anger of the Americans?
    That BBT was being parodied?

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