Save our planet.

I suppose everyone knows whose ad pic 1 is. Good.  Lets call them X, and proceed.



X recently came out with a decently brilliant tech-idea Y, an icon of which is shown in pic 2. Y is just a tweaked form of the industry standard Z.



If adopted by the majority, Y can prove very beneficial as this post’s title suggests.

Knowing the usual set of X’s activities, deduce Y and Z.  Also put funda as to why Y is claimed to be so awesome.


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Of weird instruments and Funky covers


1. Odd-looking instrument W, the name of which, is derived from words that mean “to speak/chatter” in its language.
The word W is also a popular nickname given to a Fighter Jet, since people think the jet looks like the instrument.

2. X is a music album by an American indie-rock Band, which uses a story-based theme and references a popular astronaut Y in two of its songs.

Songs from X use sounds from W ( the instrument, not the fighter jet),
and one of the songs Z is a Folk tune, popular in the Computer/TV/Brick Gaming context.
X, Y, Z?

W, Y, and Z are from the same country. X can be derived by staring at the album cover 🙂

[Note: Reposting this question of mine, from a FB quizzing group]

Cracked by Nishanth, Vic and Vishal.

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