Gender Bender

In October 2012 X received the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award. In her acceptance speech she revealed that she had considered committing suicide once in her youth. X’s acceptance speech was one of the longest public appearances that either of the notoriously reclusive siblings has ever given. She began by explaining that while she and her brother had not publicly commented on her transitioning during the past decade of rumors about it, this was not because she was ashamed of it, nor had she kept it a secret from her family and friends. Rather, X had not commented about her transitioning due to a general shyness about the news media that both she and her brother possess. Comparing it to losing one’s virginity as an event which only happens once and is irreversible, the Ys had tried to stay out of the public eye and avoided giving interviews due to fear of losing their personal privacy, fearing that they would never be able to go to a public restaurant again without being noticed and harassed as celebrities.

Name the really famous siblings, whose works are well-known in their industry.

Y – family name of the siblings. 

Workoutable from context if you’ve heard this HUGE bit of news somewhere in 2012. 


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