Suck on this!

The title may be a bit misleading, but …….whatever.

This disease is widespread in most tropical and subtropical regions of the world and may actually be world’s no. 1 killer. But some Australian scientists may have finally come up with a cure. The microbe responsible for the disease lives in the red blood cells which are full of salt. Therefore it needs a system to get rid of it. The scientists attacked the molecular pump/the protein that makes the pump that filters the salt out of their bodies.  The drug attacks the salt pump and disables it, causing the parasite to fill up with salt and die.The parasite evolves quickly and renders drugs ineffective. So its necessary to attack it at such a basic level. Current drugs combine older drugs together or are altered chemically. This approach is the newest in 20 years and might actually work.

The carrier – though having absolutely no purpose in ecology other than annoying us – is still going to be around.

The disease and the parasite if you will.

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