Repetition Mutation

Pretty much all the lyrics in the songs by this artist are a single sentence (or two) that are repeated over and over with added music and sound effects. Some examples:

  1. The only lyrics are a voice sample of are a sample of Angela Bassett’s voice from the film Strange Days at the 1:39:08 mark.
  2. The only lyrics are a voice sample by Lord Finesse. Lord Finesse (a hip hop artist and producer, from The Bronx, New York, best known as the leader of the D.I.T.C. rap crew).
  3. The lyrics are samples from a song of the same name by “The Doors”.
  4. The chorus of the song is homage to a Black Sheep song, which features a similar chorus. The line “Walk without rhythm/and it won’t attract the worm…” refers to the science fiction novel Dune.
  5. The vocal contains samples from a 1974 sermon by Reverend W. Leo Daniels called “The Answer to Watergate”. Daniels, the then-pastor of the Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church of Houston, Texas, had eleven albums released by Jewel Records on its “Jewel Devotional Series”.

Identify the artist and the songs.


2 thoughts on “Repetition Mutation

  1. Sumeet says:

    1.Right Here Right Now
    2. Rockfeller Skank. The lines are “Check it out now, The Funk Soul Brother; Right about now, The Funk Soul Brother”.
    3. Sunset(Bird of Prey)
    4. Star69/Weapon of Choice
    5.Drop the Hate.
    And Fatboy Slim
    Good Crack

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