God-like eh?

Russell Belk argues that, like a religion, the Cult of X is a belief system that helps its followers understand technology and the world.The attitude of Y sympathizers and fans is viewed by many as being “cult-like”.

According to neurological research cited by the BBC on their “Secrets of the Superbrands” documentary, the response from the brain of an Y enthusiast when viewing the brand-related symbols and imagery is similar to the one of a religious devotee when exposed to religious symbols and images

Y co-founder ________ is compared to a god figure and savior, and his life story is said to resemble Joseph Campbell’s heroic adventure myths. ________ was often viewed as a saintly figure to X users.

Psychologist Dave Levine argues that the X community has a religious feeling, providing a sense of community and common heritage for those who have rejected religion. X users are frequently known to use religious language in describing X. Terms such as “evangelism”, “persecution” and “martyrdom” are used. Many users view their devotion as a battle between good versus evil, with evil frequently being Z.

Sitter. Put X,Y and Z.


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