Even More Metallic People

The initial 1963 versions were made from ultra-fine 3-D knit iron alloy, powered by flat linear armature DC motors (rechargeable via any electrical outlet), short-wave radio (even a rotary phone was used once), collapsible roller skates. Most functions were controlled by miniature electronic switches mounted on the insides of various pieces; by pressing various combinations of them (using even the tongue), different systems were engaged.
The modern version is almost unrecognizable when compared to that.
Actually it looks almost exactly the same.
What is being talked about here?

Hard to Swallow?

A history buff receives a call from a radio jockey asking,” Who shot A in that famous duel? “. Answering the question will win him 10000 dollars. He seems more than capable of answering the question (B) as his house is full of artifacts pertaining to the duel. However his mouth is full of peanut butter and all he can say is “Awwon Buww”, as he doesn’t have C to wash it down.

This is the first instance of an award winning advertise campaign and was directed by D. However these ads are more fanservice than trivia nowadays.

What ad campaign? Answer everything.

Last Man Standing

X is a philosophical idea concerning the existence of oneself. It is quite wacky to say the least an thus has been referenced in many works(read satirized). In Iain Banks’ Against A Dark Background, a hovercraft full of Xist mercenaries makes an appearance. Their philosophy however keeps them from being a cohesive unit.

“I used to be called Elson Roa”.

“Elson Roa”, she repeated.

“But then I became God”,he nodded. “Or rather realized that I always had been God. God in the monotheistic sense that I am all that really exists”.

“But if you’re God,” Sharrow said to Elson Roa, “why do you need the others?”

‘What others?” Roa said.

Sharrow looked exasperated. “Oh, come on.”

Elson Roa shrugged. “My apparences? They are the sign that my will is not yet strong enough to support my existence without extraneous help. I am working on this.” Roa coughed. “It is, indeed, in a very real sense, an encouraging sign that we lost six of our number at the Log-Jam, as this indicates my will is becoming stronger.”

“What about the others? Do they – the apparences – all call themselves God, too?” she asked.

“Apparently,” Roa said, without the hint of a smile.

“Hmm.” She bit her lip.

Roa looked suddenly confused. “Um, apart from one, who’s an atheist,” he said suddenly.

“I beg your pardon?”

“We all call ourselves God except for one apparence, who is an atheist.”

“Ah-ha,’ she said, nodding slowly. ‘And what does this person call themself?”



 What is X?


 X is Latin for ____ , and also Greek for “I give what is due“. It is, moreover, the Latin rendering of Ancient Greek Outis , the pseudonym Odysseus employed to outwit the Cyclops Polyphemus.
X was the name of a few other fictional characters-

A seafaring Indian Prince

A Fish

The protagonist of the movie “ Mr. ____”, thus making his name ___ ___.

What is X?