Thumbs Up!!!

Kinda like a Stage 2, i.e. answer each question and connect in the end.

All these movie terms were coined by someone. Name the terms. Who coined them? (that’s the connect)

  1. In a high speed chase, a car shifts more gears than it actually has. In the movie this term is named after, the hero upshifts more than 16 times.
  2. As American movies ended the long frontier trek and began to look inward for sources of inspiration, this dialogue replaced “Westward ho!”
  3. Any film using a plot which can be summarized by saying “One’s a…” For example, “One’s a cop. One’s an actor.” Or “One’s a saint. One’s a sinner.”
  4. In every movie with Italian-American characters, one must be named X.
  5. Coined after a scene, where X is taking a bath, and a guy bursts in the room, promising him how he plans to have his revenge, only to have X kill him. X then advises the corpse, “If you have to shoot, shoot don’t talk.”

2 thoughts on “Thumbs Up!!!

    • Sumeet says:

      Hint for the person who coined these terms: look at the title.
      Yes it is Roger Ebert. The terms are:
      1. Bullitt Shift
      2. Food Fight
      3. Wunza movie
      4. Vinny
      5. Tuco’s advice

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