Hard to Swallow?

A history buff receives a call from a radio jockey asking,” Who shot A in that famous duel? “. Answering the question will win him 10000 dollars. He seems more than capable of answering the question (B) as his house is full of artifacts pertaining to the duel. However his mouth is full of peanut butter and all he can say is “Awwon Buww”, as he doesn’t have C to wash it down.

This is the first instance of an award winning advertise campaign and was directed by D. However these ads are more fanservice than trivia nowadays.

What ad campaign? Answer everything.


2 thoughts on “Hard to Swallow?

  1. Sumeet says:

    A is Alexander Hamilton, B is a Aaron Burr, C is milk, and D is Michael Bay And yes it is the “Got Milk” campaign. Good one .

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