Cue Manly Tears

X is a fantastic instrument-if played by someone who knows how to. They were originally used for signalling during wars(for obvious reasons). This legacy has been carried forward and many military bands use them. Can you tell which are some of the more popular songs played on it-

A- very popular funeral song
also one of the most popular hymns in Christianity, a ‘slave song’, as it was written by a slave trader, who then became a minister(hence the line ‘who saved a wretch like me’).

B-unofficial signature song of Irish Americans, is not liturgical but still played at funerals, to the tune of Londonderry Air.

C-unofficial Scottish anthem, also played during funerals( remember the one in ‘The Departed’)


3 thoughts on “Cue Manly Tears

    • Sumeet says:

      Bagpipes is correct.
      The answers are pretty obscure(except for the first one!)
      clue- funeral songs!!:-P

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