X Technologies, Inc., is a software company that provides data management and integration solutions. It has supplied its products to the US Intelligence Community and the Department of Defence, amongst others. Recently however, the infamous PRISM program (the clandestine electronic surveillance program allegedly operated by the NSA since 2007) was also credited to the same company.

This company takes its name from a little piece of LOTR trivia. It is named after the magical version of walkie-talkie present in The Lord of the Rings mythos, which looks like a spherical stone and works like a crystal ball. It is sometimes translated as “Seeing Stone” but literally means “Farsighted” or “One that Sees from Afar”. When one looks into a X, one can communicate with other such stones and anyone who might be looking into them; beings of great power can manipulate the stones to see virtually any part of the world.

What is X?


3 thoughts on “Walkie-Tolkien?

  1. Sumeet says:

    Yes that is right. Good crack.
    Kinda fitting for such a company to be ‘allegedly’ involved in espionage, no?

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