Continue? Yes No 3…2…1…

It was the 1980’s. The American gaming industry was cashing it in. Arcades were everywhere and Atari ruled the roost. However it all went belly side up in 1983. This was due to a lot off reasons- Atari not crediting its designers, bad business strategy, but mainly due to badly made identical games flooding the market with no way of telling which were good. There were landfills in the New Mexico desert where unsold consoles and cartridges were dumped and paved over. Sales went down from 3 billion to 100 million in 3 years. This never risked gaming as a medium as this was uniquely an American phenomenon, but it did kill the American console gaming industry for 2 years.

Then something happened in 1985. A company hitherto unknown in the states released a system that looked like a VCR as the cartridge was loaded through the front, and came with a robot like toy and another one that looked like a gun and a game about an Italian plumber.

And the rest as they is history.

What was this system and why am I asking this question today?


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