Random sports Qs

  1. X is manufactured at Petratex, a factory in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal. X is composed of woven elastane-nylon and polyurethane. One of the technological advantages of X is that its seams ultrasonically welded to reduce drag. X uses a technology patented in that Portugal and valid worldwide. This technology has been tested using NASA’s wind tunnel testing facilities, and ANSYS fluid flow analysis software.   Results have shown that using X, one lower racing times by 1.9 to 2.2 percent. X is outlawed from 2010. X?
  2. M is a football club in Spain. They began playing with blue and white stripes, but are alleged to have changed their shirt colours due to the discovery of a cheaper alternative and since then have been called Los Colchoneros.  They were established in 1903 as a branch of a club Y in the north of Spain. However, they became independent of Y in 1921, and are more successful than Y in the league. However both Y and M have always used the same shirts.  Y and M?
  3. connect:
  4. X is a former international wicket-keeper. He ‘just happened’ to be a keeper at all the sports he played, keeping goal in soccer and hockey — in fact, he was the hockey goalkeeper for his country for several years. Kallimullah, the Pakistan hockey captain at that time has gone on record as saying that he regarded X as the greatest goalkeeper he had ever played against. He scored 121 in his test debut against India and also holds the record for the highest individual score for his country. He retired at the age of 40 in December 1997 and went on to become his national team’s coach. X yaaru?

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Giuoco del calcio Fiorentino

That is the name of the above sport played during medievial times.

The modern version of this sport has the following teams vying for top honors:

Santa Croce / azzurri

Santa Maria Novella / rossi

Santo Spirito / bianchi

San Giovanni / verdi

If fascists are to be believed, this is a precursor to a modern day sport which was “re-invented” later in another country. Which sport?

Euro Football Quiz

  1. X was a French football administrator. X was secretary-general of the Comité français interfédéral (CFI), the ancestor of the French Football Federation. When the CFI became the French Football Federation in 1919, he remained as secretary-general. X was an early architect of the FIFA World Cup, along with Jules Rimet. X is believed to be have conceived the idea of the European Football Championship, the trophy of which is named after him, having first proposed it in 1927. ID X.
  2. In the inaugural European Championships in 1960, a talented team were withdrawn from their semi-final against Y by their ruler X. X had flatly refused to allow Y into his country, which ensured that his country had to bow out of the competition. The two teams met again in the final of the 64 version of the competition, and the game went ahead after X was assured that his country would win(which they did). X was a huge fan of a prominent football club(Z) hailing from the capital of his country that he edited footage of his country’s goals, cutting out players belonging to the club’s most fierce rivals A while promoting representatives of his beloved club Z. ID X, Y, Z, A.
  3. X started his professional career in 1982 and was transferred to AC Milan in 1986 and became a mainstay in the team. X was a vital cog in a team that won five Serie A titles, three European Cups, three European Super Cups, and two Intercontinental Cups. A member of his national team, X played in the 1990 and 1994 FIFA World Cups, though X did miss one of the penalties in the semi-final shoot-out against Argentina in 1990. The NY/NJ MetroStars signed X in 1996. X proved a solid performer, being named to the league Best XI in 1996. He went back to AC Milan after the 1997 MLS season, and promptly helped them to another Serie A title, his sixth. He ended his career by playing for a short time with Al-Ittihad of Saudi Arabia. X is presently managing a team at the European Championsips. X yaaru?
  4. Connect: “Can You Hear Me” by Enrique Iglesias, Trix and Flix, “Expect Emotions“.
  5. X is a manager. X has played for West Ham United and Everton and his country’s national team. X is fluent in German, Italian and English, holds a degree in law and plays in a rock group, Rawbau. In 2008, he recorded a song with his band as a hymn for his team at Euro 2008 called “Vatreno Ludilo” (“Fiery Madness”). ID X.
  6. Tango Italia ,Tango Mundial, Tango Europa , Etrusco Unico, Questra Europa, Terrestra Silverstream, Roteiro Adidas, _________. Fill in the blank

The Amul quiz…

well simple questions…I dont want the movies, i want you to identify the people involved in it:

1. young de basanti

2. maska-e-azam

3.bun, tea aur butterfly

4. bachaa ke rehna re baaba


6.cabbie bhi khao

7.swad dish

8. makhan aan de: the slicing

I want the events being depicted for the following:

9. vaastav kya hai

10. a vinci krodh

11. lix

12. dial m for madhur

13. malika shararat

14. mobile maska snack

15. mera bhagat mahan

16. phoney wars

Mike Check answers…

  1. Rahul Dravid…he was the non-striker(“best seat” on any ground) when saurav n he made their debut in lord’s..saurav scored a brilliant 100 n he made 95…not geoff boycott…
  2. fellow called John Neucombe…
  3. FC Barcelona…
  4. Ralf Ratzenberger…died in qualifying in the same race weekend as senna…
  5. Madhusudan “Monty” Singh Panesar
  6. G-14 of football clubs…expanded in 2002 to include 4 more clubs….dissolved earlier this season…

Mike check

just a few questions to check if i can post directly on the website without being moderated…

  1. On the offside first there is God, then there is Ganguly“–we’ve all heard this. Who coined it(Hint: He arguably had the best seat in the house on that fateful day)?
  2. X and Rod Laver are the only players to ever win both the US Open and Wimbledon men’s singles titles as an amateur and as a professional. X and Tony Roche are the most successful doubles pair in history, winning 12 Grand Slam titles. X is still active, being the captain of his country’s Davis Cup team.
  3. B was founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English, and Spanish men led by Joan Gamper. B ‘s motto More than a club as it has teams participating in the continental competitions in basketball, soccer, futsal, rink hockey and hanball. B has ametuer teams in  ice hockey, athletics, baseball, cycling, field hockey, figure skating, and volleyball.   
  4. “______ had been forgotten. So I went to his funeral because everyone went to Senna’s. I thought it was important that somebody went to his.”–FIA President Max Mosely on the ten-year anniversary of the fateful Imola GP of 1994. Fill in the  blank.
  5. Madhusudan has played test cricket. He has his roots in Ludhiana in Punjab. The press fondly calls him the “Sikh of Tweak”, and is popular for his missed hi5s celebration at the fall of every wicket. How do we better know this fellow?
  6. Connect: Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Internazionale, Juventus, AC Milan, Olympique Marseille, Paris Saint Germain, Olimpique Lyon, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, Porto


To non-sports quizzers, this quiz IS NOT arbit. Its the easiest sports quiz one can get, trust me. 🙂