a couple of sitters

1. Connect…

2. “Twinkle twinkle little star.. ” ..Wat is happening??.. put funda..

3. ID the drafted soldier(the one carrying the sack)..

4. Put funda and connect…

5. Connect…

6. ID the young sailor aboard PT – 109

Cracked mostly by Atul and Panda.


1.The first pic shows Roland Garros,the famous french pilot after whom the th French open is named and the second pic is of Bjorn Borg,possibly the most successful player at the french open.the connect is Roland Garros French open.

2.It is a depiction in The Bayeaux Tapestry of a Halley’s comet sighting in 1066 during the Battle Of Hastings.


4.pic 1:Penny Lane.
pic 2 :Sgt Peppers Bistro.
pic 3 :Abbey Road crossing.
pic 4 :Maharshi Mahesh yogi.
connect: The Beatles.

5.Pic 1:The island of Montecristo.
Pic 2:Alexandre Dumas,pere.
Pic 3:Book cover.
Pic 4:Movie poster.
CONNECT: “The Count of Monte Cristo.

6.John F Kennedy.

-Aditya Sridhar.