You’ve got mail


That space in which you type out your mail. Whats it called?

ANSWER: Post Box!


Not that old series again!

Please gimme specific connect between these pictures. Where do these particular snapshots appear?

Answer: As they appear on th stamps released by the United States.

Cracked by Tejas and wanderlust!

A different colour of music

Though its a sitter and a St.Peter!,Their claim to fame please? (die hard fans please excuse 🙂 )

Answer: Pink Floyd. Numbed out by Rithwik, Priya and Logik!

This completes the trilogy

The first and the second. Who could be the third? We’ll have to wait and watch!

Answer: To quote mahesh: gasquet and the connect is cocaine…
the first two faced a suspension from world tennis and gasquet mite also get it…

Also cracked (pun intended) by Johny Walker