Not that old series again!

Please gimme specific connect between these pictures. Where do these particular snapshots appear?

Answer: As they appear on th stamps released by the United States.

Cracked by Tejas and wanderlust!

A different colour of music

Though its a sitter and a St.Peter!,Their claim to fame please? (die hard fans please excuse 🙂 )

Answer: Pink Floyd. Numbed out by Rithwik, Priya and Logik!

This completes the trilogy

The first and the second. Who could be the third? We’ll have to wait and watch!

Answer: To quote mahesh: gasquet and the connect is cocaine…
the first two faced a suspension from world tennis and gasquet mite also get it…

Also cracked (pun intended) by Johny Walker

Another set of arbit visuals

Arbit. id all of them. no connect.

Click to enlarge.

Top left: The Darjeeling Limited

Top right: The 2008 Firefox + Summit

Bottom left: Spread of the Swine Flu virus (Daily tracking)

Cracked in part by Teja, Arjun B and Ajay Parasuraman

Your Granny should know?


For some strange reason, even with all the right search keywords, google doenst show up the best page. Sorry folks! The album titles are (row wise)

1. The Best of Bob Dylan

2. Revolver – The Beatles

3. Breakfast in America – Supertramp

4. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

5. Death Magnetic – Metallica

All recipients of the Grammy for Best Recording Package. My bad!

Stay away from sharp objects and things that bite


Id album cover. quite a few hints all around!

Answer: Its’s five o’clock somewhere by 2 album discography Slash’s Snakepit.

r1Film poster of a landmark film. The name please? No points for the genre 😉

Answer: Deep Throat. The first porno film you weren’t ashamed of admitting to have seen. 🙂


A major auto company does a special edition. whats the theme?

Answer: The new VW Beetle, with a Barbie Theme. Excuse me for this one!


Who’s this big fellow?

Answer: The mascot of Google Android. @Mark: unable to confirm the name as Mike.

Cracked completely by Mark, and partially by Raghu, Tejas, Ajay Parasuraman, e.small, Ligik, kash and Arjun B.


Id. zimply. felt liek an engineer again. so what if i aint gonna get a job?

p.s.: no connect. rather, connect is ob. so shove off!


Clockwise from top left:

Lakshmanjhoola, Hrishikesh, Himachal Pradesh

Vidyasagar Setu, Calcutta, West Bengal

Hebbal Lake flyover (when in construction), Bengalooru, Karnataka

Bandra – Worli Sea Link, Mumbai, Maharashtra (still in construction)

Cracked by Kash, partially.

A shoe for Mr. President


Cracked by 8 of you.

ANSWER:Tikrit, Iraq. Created by Laith al-Amari to commemorate the act of the journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi, who flung his shoes at George W. Bush. Was removed by the Iraqi Police on Feb 1, 2009 because it was at an orphanage that was government property (which cannot be used for activities with a political bias)

@Ajay: Sorry for the delay. We are busy organizing our annual Technical Symposium.