You’ve got mail


That space in which you type out your mail. Whats it called?

ANSWER: Post Box!


Court with the best! Quite a muddy day?

12Connect the lady and the gentleman. Take the gentleman below as a clue.



Philippe Chatrier (1) and Suzanne Lenglen (2), Courts at the Roland Garros (clue) Stadium.

Cracked by archit, Nishant Raman, Ajay Parasuraman, Johny Walker and Subbu.

Not that old series again!

Please gimme specific connect between these pictures. Where do these particular snapshots appear?

Answer: As they appear on th stamps released by the United States.

Cracked by Tejas and wanderlust!

A different colour of music

Though its a sitter and a St.Peter!,Their claim to fame please? (die hard fans please excuse 🙂 )

Answer: Pink Floyd. Numbed out by Rithwik, Priya and Logik!

This completes the trilogy

The first and the second. Who could be the third? We’ll have to wait and watch!

Answer: To quote mahesh: gasquet and the connect is cocaine…
the first two faced a suspension from world tennis and gasquet mite also get it…

Also cracked (pun intended) by Johny Walker