Save our planet.

I suppose everyone knows whose ad pic 1 is. Good.  Lets call them X, and proceed.



X recently came out with a decently brilliant tech-idea Y, an icon of which is shown in pic 2. Y is just a tweaked form of the industry standard Z.



If adopted by the majority, Y can prove very beneficial as this post’s title suggests.

Knowing the usual set of X’s activities, deduce Y and Z.  Also put funda as to why Y is claimed to be so awesome.


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Of weird instruments and Funky covers


1. Odd-looking instrument W, the name of which, is derived from words that mean “to speak/chatter” in its language.
The word W is also a popular nickname given to a Fighter Jet, since people think the jet looks like the instrument.

2. X is a music album by an American indie-rock Band, which uses a story-based theme and references a popular astronaut Y in two of its songs.

Songs from X use sounds from W ( the instrument, not the fighter jet),
and one of the songs Z is a Folk tune, popular in the Computer/TV/Brick Gaming context.
X, Y, Z?

W, Y, and Z are from the same country. X can be derived by staring at the album cover 🙂

[Note: Reposting this question of mine, from a FB quizzing group]

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So that’s how it started…


A  television show from a landlocked country in Europe. [Image + Video]

What’s the controversy?



Lazy QM says,

All you honest quizzers, please watch the video on this site itself, coz some youtube comments might have the answer.

Also, some related videos might show up towards the end of this video. It’s quite workoutable within the first few seconds.



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