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Things we’ve done so far.

  • Been active for 2 years πŸ™‚
  • 200 odd questions.
  • Some themed rounds.
  • A twitter account for easy notifications.

Things we’ll keep doing.

  • Post a question when we feel like doing so.
  • Extra gimmickry once in a while.

Things you can do.

  • Guest Questions can be mailed to our gmail ids “sridhar.aditya” Β or “abhishek.upadhya”
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50,000 hits and marching on. We thank the regular contributors and readers. We also thank the NITK alumni for their enthusiastic support.

Here is a question sent in by Maga aka Goutham DL.

Connect the two gentlemen with a particular song.
122 234

Cracked by Chandrakant and raklodramA.


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A warm welcome to me. πŸ˜›

Kicking off the “alumni questions” category with this qstn.

Id the chap, and put Funda …




Cracked completely by : Shrey Goyal, logik***** [ welcome back, saar πŸ™‚ ] and Karthik.
and partially by ashwini_nit and Tejas

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Guest Questions Welcome

Hello Folks

This summer the NITK Quiz Blog completes its first year as an active quiz blog. We have thouroughly enjoyed posting and thank our regular visitors for their participation and suggestions. Beginning this month, we are welcoming guest questions from our regular visitors.

Mail the questions to sridhar.aditya@gmail.com and we’ll put it up on the blog.

-Aditya Sridhar

A Hopeful Moratorium

I have noticed that Adi (whatzinaname) and I (tarantinofan) have been the main quiz setters. We both have decided to stop putting up questions for a while, instead concentrating on LSD. We will put up the LSD and other quizzes so we can have a record of sorts, and so our dear quizzing alumni can have a crack at them. Ths moratorium does not imply that others should not put up sets. We would love it if others do. Archit (chit or whatever name he’s using) and Bhargava (MS Bhai, although he hates the name) have been putting up too, but now the Onus is upon you all. Vikram has been acing all the stuff till now. Dude, if you could find the time, we would love it if you put up quizzes, too.

Blog Subscription

In order to keep members and others up to date on any changes or new posts if any, a new link has been provided below the calendar under Blogroll, Just click on this and enter your email address and its done. This service is provided by Feedburner (recently bought by Google).

-Aditya Sridhar,

blog admin,

NITK Surathkal.

Moderation issues

I have had complaints that the posts are being moderated and need the approval before being published.This problem has been fixed and all the new members of the blog have been assigned the post of author,i.e. you guys can write an article without it being submitted for review.i did not see it earlier as i was busy with the overall designing of the blog.sorry for the inconvenience.happy quizzing!