In Soviet Russia…

Винни-Пух is a 1969 animated film by Soyuzmultfilm, directed by Fyodor Khitruk and is the first part of a trilogy.
This is the definitive version of X in Russia. When this was made, Russia was under the iron curtain and hence Khitruk never knew about the western version. This makes it delightfully different from its western adaptation. Major differences include:
•No humans.
•Backgrounds done in crayons
•The title character is not always happy and sometimes even gets snarky. And is brown and not orange.
•The bird is female.
• The most annoying character- the one who ruined everything -is absent.

Sadly some of these changes and some other creative differences caused the translator of the series to leave with only three shorts done when there could have been more.

What  am I talking about?


Of Dislocated Jaws and Elongated Necks

We’ve all seen them-a towering, multilayered sandwich made of lots of cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables (and an olive on a toothpick somehow holding the ludicrous thing together)- and drooled over them. Its very hard not to.
Everyone from Garfield to Shaggy and Scooby have been seen making and devouring them in one gulp. But they are named after another fictional character-the husband of the protagonist(?) of the eponymous newspaper strip from the 30’s.
What are they called?

Engineered Fanatics

Recently our prestigious college came under the light for some pretty weird reasons, specifically a certain civil engineer that was involved in an attempted breakout from a certain prison. Still I believe there is no such thing as bad publicity. However there is another civil engineer turned terrorist that is much more widely known throughout the world. He remained in hiding for quite some time even though the search effort carried out for him unprecedented. Fittingly, Encyclopedia Dramatica described him as the worldwide reigning champion of hide and seek.A book called “Where’s ___ _____? “parodying the “Where’s Wally” series shows him hiding in plain sight in tow with a lot of comic parodies.In Planet Terror though, he was supposed to have been found and killed by the character played by Bruce Willis.

Who are we talking about here?

A Whole New Dimension

Ever played Sonic-The Hedgehog, or Street Fighter?This should be easy then.

This effect was first used in an arcade game called Moon Patrol.It is achieved by moving sprites or layers of sprites independently of each other and/or the background to create a sense of added depth. It works on the same principle that lies behind a common error that you might be prone to commit in a chemistry lab.

And I’ll keep the comic book reference out this time.

What is this principle known as?


Apples and Oranges


In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, X is the goddess of Y.X’s name is similar in sound to the word ‘Heiress’, as in a ‘spoiled little rich girl’. She used to receive a large allowance from her Father (“Daddy“) every month until she was cut off for all the trouble that she was causing. She is portrayed as a curvaceous and beautiful, but vindictive, blonde-haired woman with a gap in her teeth.She is the keeper of the Z, a golden apple that can transform into any shape to assist her into wreaking havoc.

In one episode, she gives the apple to the trio, Grim tries to seal it away, Mandy wants to become the new goddess of Y, and Billy is…well Billy. The three eventually end up fighting over it until X returns, glad with the outcome of her plan, and leaves with Z.

Id X,Y and Z. What Incident in Greek mythology does the episode parody?